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Fly Patterns and "Other" Angling Information

Fly Patterns for Alaska

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Fly Patterns and "Other" Angling Information

While on your trip with us, a carefully selected collection of a few dozen flies, such as the Dalli Lama black and white, gurglers in orange, mice patterns, assorted beads, and a few flesh flies, may suffice. However, it's also possible that you require more. That is where the information below comes in; what you ultimately choose to bring is up to you.

There is a lot of great information about what flies to use in the different regions of Alaska and at when those patterns are most successful.

If we had to select just a minimalist selection of patterns the ones marked with ** would be our go to selections - But remember, if you don't have it, you can not exactly run down to the local flyshop and get more!
So how much to buy?, that decision is entirely up to you, so plan accordingly!

For Trout it's pretty much an assortment of beads in various sizes and color, egg patterns of any type, flesh, Dali Llama's, Sculpin's, Eel and Mice Patterns.

From the folks at Yellow Dog Flyfishing with whom we have been working for many years now there is this ** Alaska Fly Selection which for many anglers may be all you need!

Or you can also spend some time visiting the Alaska Fly Fishing Goods Web site Click Here to visit that site in a new window.

They have great fly selections perfect for your trip to Alaska, or you can pick up individual patterns there too!

Please also check out Alaska Signature Flies you can find them on Facebook at: and/or Bristol Bay Flies at:

Below are some of the most popular selections for use on our trips from the folks at Alaska Flyfishing Goods out of Juneau, Alaska!

If you are looking for spring trout in the rivers of Bristol Bay, the Kenai, or the Interior you need these flies! 30 of our favorite sculpins, leeches, salmon fry, and surface poppers make up this collection.

Alaska Spring Trout Fly Selection: alaska-spring-trout-fly-selection Twelve of our favorite Dolly Llamas in the best trout colors: Black and White, Olive and White, Olive and Brown and more. A combination of size 4 with the larger conehead and #6 with a smaller cone are included. All packed in a durable Polycarbonate fly box

Dolly Llama Trout Selection: alaska-dolly-llama-trout-selection Everything you need to catch coho! 12 of our favorite #2 Dolly Llamas in the best color combinations. Black and White, Pink and White, Pink and Purple and more. All packed in a durable Polycarbonate fly box

** Dolly Llama Coho Selection:alaska-dolly-llama-coho-selection Silvers take a wide variety of patterns. This 32 fly selection has the flies needed to catch these brawny fighters wherever you find them.

Silver Salmon (Coho) Selection: alaska-silver-salmon-fly-selection It's when Alaska's trout are at their most massive. To entice these monsters your fly needs to look like a T-Bone steak and it needs to get down. This 28 fly selection will get it done!

Fall Rainbow Trout Selection: alaska-fall-rainbow-trout-selection After the fry depart and before the salmon start spawning, rainbows and char look for mice, sculpins, and leeches to fill their bellies. This 28 fly selection includes our best versions of these three important food items.

Predator Rainbow Trout Fly Selection: alaska-predator-rainbow-trout-fly-selection Is there anything more exciting than swinging a surface fly and watching a huge V-Wake appear behind it? That is just what happens when Alaskan rainbows key in on mice. Check out this selection of Grade A Prime trout food.

** Dirty Dozen Mouse Fly Selection: alaska-dirty-dozen-mouse-fly-selection It's Mice, what more do we need to say? ... Rainbows love to slash and destroy these!

For pattern suggestions specific to your trip Contact Cory Hansen at Alaska Fly Fishing Goods by email at

Looking for beads? - They come in all the assorted sizes and colors you need for your Alaska trip with us Click Here to check out the ** Alaska Bead Selection from Trout

Toss in a package of your favorite strike indicators We like the Thingamabobber 1/2" or 3/4" ~ You can find the on Amazon


Blue Fox Pixees: Shop Cabelas and Blue Fox Vibrax Spinners: Shop CabelasWe are particular to the orange and pink variety Sz 3 Vibrax and 7/8 Pixee and some smaller sized lures for trout and grayling would be a good idea to have along too.

Note: Single Hook Only - Please change before your trip and not in the rafts during the trip.

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