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Alaska Fishing Information

License, Regulations and Retention


License and Regulations

Alaska Fishing License Information
Fishing License, Regulations and Retention

You will need to purchase an Alaska fishing license to cover the number of days you will be fishing..

All residents age 18 or older, and nonresidents age 16 or older must purchase and possess a sport fishing license to participate in Alaska sport and personal use fisheries.

You can buy them online by visiting the Alaska Department Of Fish And Game website by clicking the link below.

If you are fishing for Chinook Salmon, when available, you must purchase a king stamp. The face of that stamp must be signed in ink, and stuck onto the back of your current year's sport fishing license.

Remember, you are responsible for purchasing your fishing license before your trip and having it on your person at all times while fishing. If you do not have your fishing license, you will not be able to fish.

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During your Alaska float trip with Alaska Rainbow Adventures, our policy is to release all species unharmed, except for the occasional male salmon destined for the dinner table.

If you want to take home a salmon or two, we ask that this be done on the last day of the trip, as cooler space and the ability to keep your catch fresh is limited.

Alaska Rainbow Adventures offers no fish processing services, and such services are rarely available in the hub cities of King Salmon, Dillingham, or Bethel from where we operate.

Below are links to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website and the regulation pages that deal with each specific region of the state in which we operate our Alaska Float Trips.

In each section, you can find regulatory information about each of the waters we perform our float trips.

Note: These are pdf documents of the most recently available regulations, and those documents will open in a new window and may or may not be available at all times.

Bristol Bay Sport Fishing Regulations - Alagnak, Togiak and Nushagak Rivers ~ American, Moraine and Funnel Creeks, Chilikadrotna, Stuyahok, and Koktuli rivers.

Susitna Drainage - Talachulitna River, Lake Creek, and Alces Creeks.

Kuskokwim-Goodnews Drainages - Arolik, Aniak, Kisariluk, Kwethluk, Kanektok and Goodnews Rivers.

Just a few for dinner
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Alaska Fishing License Information
Alaska Fish And Game Fishing License Information