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Moraine Creek is the dream stream that won't disappoint but remember, the Red Ones are Sockeye, The Dark One's Rainbows, and the Brown Ones, well, those are Bears!

Seven day float trips on Katmai's

Moraine Creek

Moraine Creek Float Trip
Moraine Creek Float Trips
Moraine Creek Float Fishing Trip
Moraine CreekFloat Fishing Trips
Moraine Creek fly fishing float trip
Float fishing Moraine Creek
Moraine Creek

Our Moraine float trips involve more wading than floating as we use the rafts to transport ourselves and our gear from one location to the next over some 16 miles of river, sometimes camping in the same place for a couple of nights. While the Moraine is one of the most frequently fished streams in the Bristol Bay area, this should not discourage you from considering it as a fishing destination. The abundance of sockeye salmon results in rainbow trout from nearby lakes like Kukaklek being attracted to the area, and angler success rates are typically high. Additionally, for those who love adventure, Moraine Creek offers an excellent opportunity to view and photograph brown bears in their natural habitat as they partake in this bounty.

The Moraine is open for fishing from June 8 to October 31, however for the most success we focus our float trips towards the middle of August when the egg drop is on. At this time, your best bet is to use 6mm and 8mm beads. It might take some experimenting to determine the right color and size for the day, so having a wide variety is a good and inexpensive plan. Having some flesh flies and streamers on hand is also a good idea. The rainbows in Moraine Creek are long-lived, resulting in resident fish hooked multiple times. Many of these fish show beat-up mouths, but using pegged eggs has saved many trout from hook-related mortality.

You can't predict how many people you'll encounter on the Moraine on any given week, you can however count on catching numerous trophy rainbow trout and perhaps even that fish of a lifetime. You also have the opportunity to fish before and after the planes from lodges arrive and depart and experience the Morane nearly abandoned, except for you and your fellow anglers, something lodge guests never do.

Moraine Creek Trip Details
  • Dates:Booked on request
  • Group Size: 4 Pax and 2 Guides
  • Starts/Ends: King Salmon, Alaska
  • Rates:$5,995.00pp
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