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Schedule Of Available Trips Remaining For The 2021 Season.

Notice To Travelers:
In order to ensure access to the locations we travel to on these trips we ask that all participants as practicable be vaccinated for Covid 19.   If you have questions, please call our office at 907-357-0251

Learn more about Alaska’s COVID-19 travel regulations by visiting

NOTICE: 5/11/2021 At this time for Arolik, Goodnews and Kanektok trips we will be accessing all vilages as normal for wheeled based aircraft return to Bethel.  Please be respectful and maintain Covid 19 social distancing practaces while there.

As for the schedule below,  If you do not see the dates that 'fit' your groups needs, on the water that interests you, please call us, on some waters we can change dates, on the Kanektok those dates are fixed.  Check back often as this page can change at any time!   Rates on the schedule page may be listed at rates lower than our 'published rates' in some instances on select trips at our discretion.  

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The Kanektok River

Trip Dates - July 4 to 11 ~ One Space Remaining ~"Hot Top Water" Rainbow Trout Action Then Salmon Later In trip!

Nothing says Summer in Alaska like 20 hours of daylight, and some of the best topwater rainbow fishing of the year while they are still looking up! Before the salmon completely flood the river the Kanektok's rainbows are chasing smolt, mice, and nearly any other pattern as long as you get them in the water, none of this eggs n flesh fixation you see later in the year (Not that that is a bad thing) But if you like to fish top water for rainbows this is your trip! Sockeye season is picking up the pace, the longest days and shortest nights of Summer. Miles and miles of mountains, river channels and beauty, with the only thing topping the location is the fishing. Also available later in the trip are good numbers of King and chum salmon as well as dolly varden too. We strongly however suggest that you pack lots of mouse patterns!

Intimate Rivers or Kanektok Style Trip from Bethel, Alaska ~  Eight Days and Seven Nights from  $5195.00 pp and up.

The Arolik River

July Dates - July  12* to 18  2021     Special Availability for four persons  *Call for special rate ... 907-357-0251 **Pending

Starting out smaller than most of the waters we float and with some potential for dragging the Aroilk offers excellent fishing even before joining up with the South fork, after which it becomes more like most S.W. Alaska rivers in size. That said the fishing is well worth the effort with the potential of exceptional angling for King Salmon in small water into to late July and you may even find all five species of salmon available as well as plentiful rainbows, grayling and char!

Eight day trips available, call for details and availability from Bethel, Alaska.

This trips is  available as an Intimate Rivers  style trip.     Regular rate is  $5395.00 pp   ~  Grab some friends save 10% This trip only!

The Goodnews River ~ "This Is Prime Time" On the Goodnews! with "Hot" - Silver Salmon Action on the Goodnews!  Seven Days and Six Nights

Trip Dates August 9 to 15, 2021  ~  Four Spaces Available 

The Chinook may be gone but the Coho Salmon are here in force along with many other species and we have the best dates available on the Goodnews of any operator. Come experience the Alaska we can take you to and wear your arms out on hot and fast coho action on the Goodnews.   

Fisherman's Standard style trip on the Goodnews are available from Bethel, Alaska ~ Rate  $5995.00 pp

Moraine Creek - Fat Fall Rainbows!

Trip Dates - August 21 to 27 * Limited to a group of four persons!

The place, Moraine Creek, Alaska ~ Where The Dark Ones Are Rainbows, The Red Ones, Sockeye and The Brown ones Da Bears!  While the Moraine is somewhat busy by Alaska standards espicially in August, you are there after everyone else leaves and the Moraine more than makes up for it with the sheer number of very large "Wild" Alaska Rainbows available making it a true "World Class" Fly Fishing destination!

Call to join this seven day six night Fisherman's Standard style trip! $4595.00 pp From King Salmon, Alaska

The Goodnews River

Trip Dates - August 25 to September 1, 2021 /  Eight Days and Seven Nights - Available

Goodnews River Co-Ho-Ho-Holy C***!!! It's go time ~ Many of our guests consider our last two Goodnews River trips of the season to be arguably the best of the trips we offer on this river each season. By now the Dolly-Varden are coming into their full, stunning, spawning colors, and they -along with the mighty Coho Salmon- are dispersed throughout the entire river system. The long days of Summer are waning and this brings longer, colder nights, which in turn makes the resident Trout and Char begin to feed all the more enthusiastically with the thought of leaner, winter days ahead.

Fisherman's Standard $5995.00pp or Fisherman's Deluxe style trip $6495.00pp from Bethel, Alaska. 

The Goodnews River

Trip Dates - September 3 to September 10, 2021   /   Eight Days and Seven Nights - Available

Goodnews River Saving the best for last. By now our Western Alaska Crew has seen this river as many as five times this season, and the anticipation of this final float on the News has been building with every passing week. The Char fishing will be in it's prime, the Rainbow Trout will be hammering everything from beads, to streamers to mice, and the Coho will be everywhere, hitting everything and almost anything you throw at them.. These are true campfire tales type of trips, given that by now we have those wondrous Fall Alaskan nights, with the possibility of Northern Lights and nothing winds down an epic day quite like a popping driftwood fire. The longer nights mean shorter days, and as the season winds down, the fishing inevitably ramps up for resident species gorging themselves with calories for the impending long winter.

Fisherman's Standard $5995.00pp or Fisherman's Deluxe style trip $6495.00pp from Bethel, Alaska. 

The Kanektok River

Trip Start Date - September 10 to 17 ~  Note: This is a fixed start date for this trip

September 10th to 17 or 19 A truly epic time of year, and a truly epic trip. The banks are littered with the spawned out carcasses of the seasons salmon runs, snow is teasing the mountain peaks, each morning holds the possibility of skims of ice along the shoreline, the once lush green leaves of summer are now golden, fluttering reminders that winter is almost here. What better time to target big, slashing Rainbow Trout who are making their final push to saturate themselves with fat before being locked under the ice for months and months? Late season Coho will still be present, milling in sloughs and deep holes, ready to charge your streamer, or lunge into the air after a pollywog. Our last trip of the season out west is one that never disappoints, and always leaves us and our guests in awe of the fishing, the river, and all it's environment.

Kanektok Style trip from Bethel, Alaska.  ~  $5895.00 pp includes flights to and from the river.  Eight Days / Seven Nights.

Togiak River

Trip Dates - September 20 - 26 / Three Spaces Available

The Togiak River called "The Gem Of The Togiak National Wildlife Refuge!" is also arguably the best river in Alaska for it's spectacular silver salmon angling it is also considered one of the top ten waters where one can catch a true "Trophy" rainbow trout in Alaska.  Alaska's fish filled Togiak River flows some 48 miles from Togiak lake to Togiak Bay and is a popular river for all five Pacific salmon. Rising on the western slopes of the Wood River Mountains, the Togiak drains the southeastern quadrant of the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge.  Also available Char / Dolly Varden, Large Grayling, along with the Coho salmon in a most spectacular setting!

Fisherman's Standard style trip available from Dillingham, Alaska $5895.00 pp Seven Days / Six Nights