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Trip Review ~ Goodnews River

M. Grant

"Fabulous, Fabulous and Fabulous ~ Great trip with great fishing and really great guides!"

Alaska Float Trip Flyfishing in Alaska I had done this type of float fishing and camping trip up in Alaska in the past with another outfit that is no longer in operation.

Since then I have been talking with Paul Hansen about his trips with Alaska Rainbow Adventures, after having been recommended to him by a guide friend of mine.

When things on my end finally allowed me to pull the trigger on heading to Alaska again, I chose their Goodnews river trip, in this case the last one of the season and a ten day trip to boot!

Thinking back on all the lodge and camping trips I have done in the past, let me tell all who read this, that this is the kind of trip for you, especially if you are a fishing junkie like myself!

While lots of lodge trips are more luxurious, on those trips we all find ourselves back at the lodge by 4 o`clock swapping stories, comparing the days fishing, showered and drinking.   On this trip at 4pm you are still out fishing as hard as you like and can continue to do so all night if you have not gotten enough.

Imagine after dinner wandering back to the river and fishing for a couple of hours and adding five to twenty additional fish to the days already ludicrous tally and only then throwing in the towel for the night! If you are reading this you are most likely considering going to Alaska, if you do, be sure to give seriously consideration to this professionally run tour in which every comfort is taken into consideration.

On this trip there was a shower, bathroom, comfortable sleeping accommodations, and most importantly 'Great Guides' who never stopped working for you!!! Dolly Vvarden Alaska float fishing trip Alaska Rainbow Adventures

The guides were completely professional, hard working and put us on so many fish that we were actually whipped by day's end, and what day's they were!

We would wake up to an excellent breakfast, fish until lunchtime when we would have shore lunch if we were traveling that day or perhaps something more hearty if not.

Fishing and moving down river would resume after and last until we stopped at that nights camp / fishing hole, where we would have dinner, and as I said earlier, fish after if you wish!

Everybody owes it to themselves to try one of these trips, and when you do, it surely will be fondly burned into your memory until your end of days.

So figure out what fish you want to target, sign up for one of their killer trip's and have a great time! I will be returning again and again to make more of those memories with Alaska Rainbow Adventures, they run an awesome program, and if anyone needs a reference call me 530-583-5709, I will be doing a trip for king salmon next.

Michael Grant of Tahoe City Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana

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