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Why Not?

We Have Been Doing This Over 30 Years!

You don't stay in this business this long unless you are doing something right and even then you have to be really good at what you do!

A trip with us is your opportunity to experience the Alaskan wilderness like no other! Alaska Rainbow Adventures provides the best Alaska fly fishing float trips and on some of the most fabled Alaskan waters. While we do offer some trips with less amenities, our deluxe trips feature camping accommodations are as close as you will ever get to staying in a lodge while on a float trip and with three decades of Alaska experience provide anglers who want to get "off-the-grid" with an intimate knowledge of an entire watershed unmatched by other operations.

Experience one of our multi-day wilderness float fishing trips on World Class Alaska float trip waters such as the Arolik, Kanektok, Goodnews, Togiak, Alagnak, Moraine, and more, each offering a unique experience for traveling anglers no matter your level of experience, all the while being escorted by some of the finest guides in the business. It is this combination of select locations, the variety of experiences, extraordinary people, and attention to detail that make these trips an exceptional choice for you the traveling angler. We are on the rivers at the peak of the salmon runs or during times when availability is highest for native species like the rainbow trout for which our trips are famous. Of course other species such as dolly varden/arctic char, sheefish, pike and grayling may too be available.

These areas of Alaska are truly remote and wild but that can bring situations that most people aren't used to dealing with. Going with an experienced Alaska fishing guide helps prevent most of those situations from turning into a reality and if they do an experienced guide has probably dealt with it before. Our guides have been in these areas for years and can make them much more enjoyable (and safer) than say renting gear and trying to do it on your own. Our experienced guides not only provide knowledge and tactics on fishing but other traits and skills that make spending multiple days on Alaska's Premier float fishing waters much more worry-free. On most trips, our guides also take care of most of the work that can be involved in these types of settings which provides more time for you to truly enjoy the experience of the Alaskan wilderness.

Many of our staff are Alaskan's... Guides that reside and earn their living here and bring to the river that unique local knowledge of fishing Alaska you can only get as a resident of the 49th state, and while we now have some guides that are not from Alaska, they keep coming back year after year just like many of our guests do! Again, we must be doing something right.

On our float trips, you also have increased time on the water after all you couldn't be any closer to the fishing as we camp right on the river at the best available fishing holes. Think about it this way, you are out on the river catching fish having a great time and your guide says, reel em in time to head in for dinner or happy hour 'back at the lodge'... Well keep on fishing because with us you do not need to go anywhere because you are 'already there', camped right on the river in one of our deluxe or intimate float fishing lodge camps where you are more than welcome to fish as much as you like and many of our guests join us for this reason alone!

We can put you on the best fishing holes, one after another all day long as you present your hook to fish in the most effective way from one of our custom inflatable boats or while wading. We cover a lot of water on our trips much of it where jet boats and airplanes simply can not or never go. Our guides will lead you through about six to ten miles of the river a day, just the right balance of wade fishing from the bank as we stop at hole after hole and of drift fishing from the boats.

Our float trips also give you more opportunities for relaxing and seeing wildlife in their natural surroundings without being run off by the sound of an approaching outboard engine.

The experience shared by a group of people on an adventure through remote, breathtaking wilderness is something that you will remember forever and many of our guests return year after year renewing friendships formed on the river with their guides and other guests they met on an Alaska Rainbow Adventures float trip.