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Alaska Sockeye Salmon  Float Fishing Trip

Sockeye, or Red, Salmon are the backbone of Alaska's Salmon Fishery, these 6 to 10 pound on average fish are arguably the tastiest of the 5 species of Salmon. Just as arguably they are one of the best Salmon, pound for pound, for their fighting ability on the end of a rod and reel. What is without argument is their sheer volume of numbers when they enter their respective drainage’s. They arrive during the height of Summer and run in schools nose to tail, and 20 feet wide, for basically the entire length of the river they're migrating up, right against the bank. The Midnight Sun, blooming wildflowers, brown bears wandering past camp, rafts floating serendipitously through mile after mile of pristine wilderness, all combined with millions of chrome, ocean fresh salmon, chugging by in mind-boggling numbers, right at your feet. It's a piscatorial party.

Or as we've come to refer to it.....Sockeyefest!.

Our Sockeyefest trips originate in Bristol Bay, the bastion of Sockeye fishing, both recreational and commercial. Beginning in the Village of King Salmon, we board float planes on the Naknek River, World Famous for it's healthy Salmon and Rainbow Trout Fisheries, and begin our journey into the heart of Katmai National Park. Landing at the headwaters of the Alagnak River, we transition from mechanical to physical transportation as rafts are loaded and the fishing begins.

Over the next week we float through some of the most beautiful and fish-rich waters on Earth. Fishing from the rafts as we float, we generally target resident Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout, Dolly Varden, and Grayling, with frequent stops on easily fished Sockeye runs. Each evenings camp is specifically chosen for safety, and ease of fishing, fortunately, we don't worry about finding a camp with a great view, in Katmai all the camps come with a million dollar view standard.

It's not all sockeye salmon however there are also beautiful rainbow trout to be had. That said with millions of sockeye streaming by, it's not unheard of for anglers to bring 50+ Salmon to hand daily, with higher numbers being common. We incorporate this bounty into our menu regularly throughout the trip, with salmon either being the main course or an appetizer a few nights through the trip. Nothing is more satisfying than sitting around the screened in dining tent after a long day of catching salmon and watching as a sow brown bear saunters past camp accompanied by her rolly poly cubs, while a bald eagle circles aloft, and an osprey cannonballs from above into the river in pursuit of its dinner, all while the sun shines overhead at 10:00 pm. The days pass in a euphoric blur of hearty breakfasts, phenomenal fishing, making new lifelong friends, lots of laughter, and memories that last a lifetime. It's Sockeyefest, and life doesn't get any better!

Join us for Sockeyefest July 3 to 9*, 11 to 17 and 19 to 25, 2019

Regular Rate from King Salmon, Alaska is $4495.00

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