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About Our Alaska Float Fishing Trip Programs

If you are an angler who wants to experience an area with few other anglers, fishing in remote off-the-road wilderness locations while enjoying the natural beauty of Alaska and at the same time have a chance to catch wild trophy sized fish, we have the trip for you!  We invite you to read over the various options we offer, check out the different waters we can take you to and consider what you or if you are part of an group desire to accomplish and then contact us. Our friendly knowledgeable guides will help point you to the right trip at the right time that best suits those desires.

We offer four different float trip programs on a wide variety waters across the state of Alaska, waters all known by anglers from around the world for excellent fishing, be it for trophy rainbow trout or pacific salmon. 
These programs are our "Fisherman's Deluxe" "Fisherman's Standard", "Intimate Rivers" and "Kanektok Style" float trips, the latter only available on the Kanektok or chosen river trips and availability of the other style trips depends on the particular river you choose to float with us.
On some waters all three service levels are available on others due to accessibility and logistics only what we call our "intimate rivers" version is an option. 


Each of these packages offer a different level of service with the least expensive being what we have come to call our "Intimate Rivers" package utilizing smaller rafts, expedition style tents, and fewer amenities then the two deluxe trips and should be considered as an 'roughing it' bare bones style trip, comparable to what most other operators offer as standard Alaska float trip fare. Kanektok River Alaska Salmon Fishing Float Trip Goodnews river float trip

Our  "Fisherman's Deluxe" , "Fisherman's Standard "  and Kanektok Style trips offer accommodations that are like no other you will find on an Alaska float trip anywhere. Accommodations on our deluxe float trips are in spacious, high quality tents made right here in Alaska, for Alaska conditions. Each of these tents is used to house two anglers in which you can stand in comfortably and come equipped with cots, and chairs. This provides you ample space for your gear, as well as a comfortable retreat should the weather become inclement. Also on these trips are our custom built large gathering / dinning tent capable of holding the entire group for dining or as a gathering area. All guests are welcome to hang out in this common space for drinks, fly tying and socializing. Other comforts such as available hot showers, toilet facilities and other little touches that make an Alaska Rainbow Adventures deluxe trip a cut above all others. Fish Alaska - Float Trip Alaska Style - Alaska Fly OutWhere the trips differ is that on the "Fisherman's Deluxe" trip there is a two to one guest to guide ratio with two anglers and their guide floating the river in custom built drifter rafts each equipped with custom frames that have casting stations front and rear allowing for an exceptional angling experience. There is also an additional gear-boat that carries much of the camp gear and the majority of bags. Of course we still spend as much time as possible wading for fish. The additional guide/camp hand also assists in the setting up and taking down camp and assisting where necessary with guiding duties. The drifter rafts, being lightly loaded and equipped with anchor systems are able to thereby access almost any run on the river much like a drift boat and are highly maneuverable as well. 

Fish Alaska Rainbow Trout goodnews river, Alagnak river
Our Fisherman's Standard float trips offer the same camping amenities but no gear / bag boat or extra camp hand and a two or three to one guest / guide ratio depending on overall group size. These float trips require some participation and group effort. Your participation with unloading the rafts, moving camp gear and taking down sleep tents each morning is greatly appreciated. Each day anglers will rotate guides enabling everyone to fish with each member of the staff.

We offer a special level of service on the Kanektok river, This is an modified version of our "Fisherman's Deluxe and Fisherman's Standard Trips"  we call it "Kanektok Style", with all the features of an fisherman's standard  trip and the two anglers per boat feature of the fisherman's deluxe, without the gear boat and extra guide.

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 There are almost 30 different pages about our Alaska Fishing trips that can be accessed from that menu alone! 


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Welcome to the Alaska Rainbow Adventures web site,  We Offer Alaska's Finest Float Fishing Trips For All Anglers No Matter Your Level Of Experience, Trips for Men, Women, Families, Even Corporate Retreats and Leadership Building Workshops.

You will find that we offer Alaska Float Fishing Trips on many of Alaska's most productive waters, trips that are selected based upon you and your groups interests, that is the species you wish to come to Alaska and fish for, your available time to travel, species availability and run timing, what particular waters if any you are looking to fish on, the quality of wilderness experience you hope for, budget and other important factors such as the quality of people that you will share the river with as expressed in this sentiment from one of our recent guests...

Goodnews River Fishing July "The combination of the location and the people made the difference. There are hundreds of good rivers and thousands of excellent guides, but it was refreshing to experience both at once in such a remote place. Of course our guides were technically proficient. They routinely put us on the fish, untangled our knots, and provided expert fishing advice. I would expect nothing less of any guide in Alaska. But, your guides provided so much more. From the very first day they made us feel like "part of the family". This was in spite of the fact that they spent long days rowing us into heavy winds, pitching our tents, cleaning our mess, cooking our meals and keeping us safe. I'm still amazed all of this was accomplished without additional staff or other luxuries. " 
You can read this full review and others on our trip review page.

So whether your interest is an Alaska fly fishing float trip, or spin fishing 'all Anglers are of course welcome', we invite you to spend some time on our site, and while doing so think about the type of trip you are looking for, then give us a call, we would love to fish with you and come to have you as part of our family.


Three of the premier rivers we operate on in "South West Alaska"  are also some of the Worlds Best Fishing Float Trip Rivers, Why?, because of their intimate size, exceptional beauty and of course the unusually "great" fishing!  We of course are talking about the Goodnews River and Kanektok Rivers in Southwest Alaska, and right next door is the superbly scenic and fish filled Togiak River the latter featuring "exceptional salmon and char fishing as well as being one of the "top ten waters in Alaska for huge trophy trout!"  All of these rivers are in part within the 6,410 sq mile Togiak National Wildlife Refuge which is managed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service out of Dillingham, Alaska and by permit we are one of the only operators with permits to offer trips on all three of these rivers.


The Togiak, Kanektok and Goodnews offer excellent angling for not only all five species of Pacific salmon but also beautiful spotted leopard rainbows, spectacularly colored arctic char and the sailfish of the North, the Arctic grayling in trophy size!  Find out more about the Goodnews River trips at  The Kanektok River at or from the "WatersWeFish" Menu at the top of every page on this web site. Please note there are only six start dates available each year for trips on Alaska's Goodnews & Togiak Rivers, and Two start dates for the Kanektok River so book early!  King Salmon, Alaska


King and Silver Salmon aficionados, be sure to consider joining us on  the scenic Togiak, Kanektok or Goodnews rivers in south west Alaska!  We are one of a few operators by permit allowed to operate float trips on all three waters and we have some great start dates available on each of these rivers for the coming year, so call to schedule your trip and get the start dates your group desires before they are gone! (See the schedule & rates page for available dates)  Some of the best rainbow fishing of the year can be found on our July fourth Kanektok river start date as well as any other available species at that time!



In the Word Famous Bristol Bay region in and near Katmai National Park you will find us guiding angers such as yourself in and around the "Braids" of the Alagnak river for it's world renowned  population of beautiful rainbow trout and huge runs pacific salmon in particular the sockeye salmon which arrive in record numbers in late June through mid July and with near 54 million forecasted to return to the regions streams and rivers 2015 an 20 year high!   Trophy rainbow anglers often  join us on Moraine and American Creeks each offering an unique Alaskan experience, with the Moraine famous for it's huge rainbows often easily sight fished and for it's bears and the American for it's more difficult access but in doing so you are partaking in an spectacular fishery with large numbers of dolly varden/char and beautifully spotted rainbows.

Rainbow Trout Alaska Fly Fish Alaska Salmon Togiak King Salmon

If You like the idea of sight fishing to trophy rainbow trout
,  now we are talking fish that can run 30" plus, but good fish average 24 - 28"   then you might want to consider joining us on Alaska's Moraine or American Creeks in Katmai National Park and Preserve. We are looking to schedule at least two trips there likely sometime around late July for the American and mid August perhaps into September on the Moraine.  If you are a single angler or just traveling with a friend why not look to join an existing trip, Call and find out if there are any openings at this time, more info can be found on our site, just click here! If not email us and let us know you would like to join a trip and we will help make it happen!


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Lake Creek -  Talachulitna River Alaska  Float TripCloser to Anchorage we offer a limited number of float trips on Alaska's first blue Ribbon trout stream the Talachulitna River as well as on Lake Creek in the shadow of "Denali" North America's Tallest peak.   Both of these waters feature beautiful rainbow trout  and salmon fishing which kicks off weeks earlier then on the streams of south west Alaska and Bristol bay!   Call for details 907-357-0251 or 877-235-2647 Toll Free!


Yes, Alaska offers some of the best fishing in the world and Alaska Rainbow Adventures is the leading provider of Alaska float fishing trips.  Our deluxe Alaska float trip packages are as close to staying at an Alaska fishing lodge as you will find while floating an wilderness Alaska river and feature expedition quality rafts, experienced friendly guides, deluxe camps and meals, a better Alaska float fishing experience is not available, at any price. Besides fishing the Kanektok and Goodnews Rivers other trips are available on Alaska waters such as the Togiak RiverAlagnak River, Moraine Creek, American Creek and other waters, to see the full list of float trips available, click here.


The Alaska fishing season is relatively short running from June into late September on the rivers we offer trips on in the Bristol Bay region of Alaska and from mid May until late September in South-Central Alaska. This season revolves for the most part around the life cycle of the five species of pacific salmon which arrive in Alaska's rivers at different times not only through the season but at periods that can vary from river to river. This availability of the salmon and whether they are pre spawn, actively spawning and dropping eggs, or post spawn can strongly influence the behavior of resident species, the rainbow trout, grayling and char and their availability to anglers in a particular watershed as they follow the life dance of the salmon. This very availability of the salmon and what they are doing goes far to explain how a particular week one season can offer average fishing yet the same week the next year or even week can be epic!


Alaska fly fishing tripWe suggest that you contact us, you can do so right now toll free in the US by calling 877-235-2347 other locations 970-357-0251 to discuss your expectations from an Alaska fishing trip so that we can utilize our years of experience fishing these waters, taking into account when you can travel, the availability of species you desire to fish for, if there is a particular stream or river you are interested in fishing, historical fish run and availability data, and any additional factors to help assist in your choice of the best time and location that works for you for your trip with us.


An custom Alaska Rainbow Adventures Alaska float trip will satisfy your quest for the ultimate Alaska trout or salmon fishing experience. Join us on one of our Alaska fly fishing float trips, fishing Alaska!  For the economy minded angler we offer a limited number of trip packages that have fewer amenities at prices comparable to what other float trip operators offer and call them our intimate rivers trips which are available on select waters, see our menu at the top of any page for a full listing of the rivers we offer trips on as well as special offers, trip schedules even trips perfect for the single angler or two looking to join an exsisting Alaska float fishing trip, of course non fly fishing anglers are welcome too!


Our Togiak, Alagnak & Moraine trips are standard deluxe trips with the fisherman's deluxe package available as an option on the Alagnak. All three levels of service are available on our Goodnews River float fishing trips, although we recommend the intimate rivers trip for those wishing to experience the middle fork of the Goodnews. Trips on the Kanektok River are an modified version of our Fisherman's Standard trips with the best accommodations available on an Alaska float trip and just two anglers per boat in an fishing configuration front and rear but no deluxe style seating. The remaining waters are "Intimate Rivers" style adventures, some with an option to upgrade to an deluxe style trip possible. Options to upgrade or downgrade are possible on most trips ask for information pricing and availability.


Join us fly fishing for any or all of the five species of pacific salmon or trophy Alaska rainbow trout in Alaska's Bristol Bay on the Moraine or Alagnak rivers, Southwest Alaska's beautiful Togiak and fish filled Goodnews and Kanektok aka the 'Chosen' River. In Southcentral Alaska floating Lake Creek in the shadow of the great one - Denali! or fishing on the states first blue ribbon trout stream, the Talachulitna!  Areas all famous world-wide with fly and spin fishing anglers of all skill levels and ages, for not only spectacular fishing but exceptional wildlife viewing and scenic vistas too. Imagine  Alaska Rainbow Adventures will not just guide you on Alaska's premier waters, those that are truly the "best of the best" locations but we will also provide you an experience that will leave you with newly minted memories of the great fishing and friendships made that will not only last a lifetime, but as with many of our guests we now call friends, you will choose to renew year after year.


Float Trip Meals

We have had allot of questions about our meals on the float trips we operate...well here is an example of the food that come out of the cook tent on our trips at Alaska Rainbow Adventures. 












Do you have a group of four or more persons looking to go on an Alaska Float Trip?
Call about our limited number of un-published group rates toll free 877-235-2647


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The weather was glorious. The only rain was the day we flew to the lake and then the sun shone on us and the mountains for the next 5 days. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who wants great fishing and a mountainous landscape for a back drop.

Fly in fishing AlaskaA huge "Thank You" to Paul Hansen of Alaska Rainbow Adventures

You provided an excellent trip and were a superb outfitter in providing us with comfort, safety, in some of the world's most pristine large Rainbow water.

kanektok fly fishing float trips Alaska, American creek Dry Fly FishingThe Moraine Creek float trip I took with Alaska Rainbow Adventures

Was the best Alaska fly fishing trip I have ever been on. I caught my personal record rainbow and there were lots of "big fish". Of the 50 or so fish I caught, only two were smaller than 20 inches.

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Look Around

We invite you to spend some time perusing our Internet site to find out how an Alaska float trip with Alaska Rainbow Adventures can bring your Alaska fishing trip or wildlife viewing aspirations to life.

If there are any questions you find unanswered during your visit, please feel free to contact us toll free at 877-235-2647 or by e mail at and we will be happy to address them.