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Welcome to the Alaska Rainbow Adventures web site,  We offer Alaska's finest float fishing trips for all anglers no matter your level of experience, and we do so on
Alaska's most productive float trip waters, trips that are selected based upon you and your groups interests, that is the species you wish to come to Alaska and fish for, your available time to travel, species availability and run timing, what particular waters if any you are looking to fish on, the quality of wilderness experience you hope for, budget and other important factors such as the quality of people that you will share the river with as expressed in this sentiment from one of our recent guests...

Goodnews River Fishing July "The combination of the location and the people made the difference. There are hundreds of good rivers and thousands of excellent guides, but it was refreshing to experience both at once in such a remote place. Of course our guides were technically proficient. They routinely put us on the fish, untangled our knots, and provided expert fishing advice. I would expect nothing less of any guide in Alaska. But, your guides provided so much more. From the very first day they made us feel like "part of the family". This was in spite of the fact that they spent long days rowing us into heavy winds, pitching our tents, cleaning our mess, cooking our meals and keeping us safe. I'm still amazed all of this was accomplished without additional staff or other luxuries. " 
You can read this full review and others on our trip review page.


We invite you to spend some time perusing our Internet site
to find out how an Alaska float trip with Alaska Rainbow Adventures can bring your Alaska fishing trip or wildlife viewing aspirations to life. If there are any questions you find unanswered during your visit, please feel free to contact us toll free at 877-235-2647 or by e mail at and we will be happy to address them.





Alaska's best float fishing trips

You can now read about many of the trips we offer in our new float trip catalog available in online magazine format!
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but we know you are going to check it out anyway!
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The Alaska fishing season is relatively short running only from June into late September on most of the rivers we offer trips on. This season revolves for the most part around the life cycle of the five species of pacific salmon which arrive in Alaska's rivers at different times not only through the season but at periods that can vary from river to river. This availability of the salmon and whether they are pre spawn, actively spawning and dropping eggs, or post spawn can strongly influence the behavior of resident species, the rainbow trout, grayling and char and their availability to anglers in a particular watershed as they follow the life dance of the salmon. This very availability of the salmon and what they are doing goes far to explain how a particular week one season can offer average fishing yet the same week the next year or even week can be epic!



Get away from the crowds and having to go back to the lodge just when the fishing gets hot, with us you don't have to!


 Come fish the Alaska we can take you to!